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Back to the grind

Good morning! Rest week is done (really it was 6 days) so I'm back at it today. Starting with a Turbo Fire instead of jumping in with Zuzka right away. I had my treat day yesterday and man, did I ever eat treats lol. I polished off 2.5 donuts(!) at work and then had my planned fettuccine alfredo for dinner. I don't feel guilty because I ate clean all week and even included more veggies than normal.

I'm not looking forward to the muscle soreness again - I was finally getting back to my fitness level but the rest was much needed. I'm still fairly exhausted but I need to work on going to bed earlier and creating a pre-bedtime ritual to help me relax and fall asleep faster and deeper. Any tips are appreciated!

I hope you have a great weekend wherever you are and remember to eat clean, train mean, and prepare for greatness. Prepping goes a long way especially if you're the type that doesn't maintain a good diet because it's "too much work". There are no excuses if you have everything prewashed in your fridge and ready to grab. Tomorrow is food prep day and today I'm doing some shopping with my mom. I need new clothes desperately lol. Ever do laundry and think, "really? I still wear this?" lol.

Happy Saturday!

-- Kelsey


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