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Greek yogurt, I missed you

I thought of something today: I ran out of my Greek yogurt sometime last week and I had 3 containers of PC Blue Menu and Danone Silhouette yogurt in my fridge that were wayyyyyy past their expiration date but I couldn't bring it upon myself to throw them out. So after much debate and testing them I decided they were fine and I finished the containers (I'm fine, the yogurt was fine lol). Anyway, side tracked here.

I bought more Greek yogurt on Friday and I was surprised when I realized I MISSED the Greek yogurt. I find this funny because it took me a while to actually just put up with it because it is healthy for me haha. I've been ENJOYING my Greek yogurt since Friday now :) I guess you can't miss something if you don't have a chance to miss it.

I'm guilty of late night snacking and my usual go-to is my cereal pantry. Lately I've been opting for my Greek yogurt and some berries. Tonight was strawberries, the other night was frozen blueberries. I actually heated those ones up and sprinkled cinnamon on top. It was like dessert! I dare you to try it ;)

I've had a fairly laid back long weekend - no parties or anything and mostly just sitting at home :/ How lame? lol. I did get some great workouts in though: ZCUT #8 on Saturday, Insanity Plyometric cardio circuit yesterday, and I did DailyHIIT: It's all you workout today and my arms are going to be sore tomorrow! I love it.

I hope everyone had a great weekend!


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