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Rest week

Today I decided that I am taking a rest week. I've been so exhausted for the last week or so. I've always been a terrible sleeper but I'm exhausted to the point that my eyes feel like they're being sucked into the sockets.

I'm really nervous about taking a full week of rest because I am FINALLY shedding what I had gained while on holidays and from the treats here at work. I bought jeans on the weekend and they're a size 7!! The last pair I bought in August were an 8, but they are a bit loose. My goal is to concentrate on eating healthy and feeling better. I walk 2 km to and from work every day but I'm planning on taking long walks instead of the high intensity workouts I've been doing.

I haven't taken a week off since I started this journey unless I was so sick that I really couldn't exercise. I'm curious to see what the results will be.

Do you take rest weeks?

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