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Me + yoga = not good

So... I've come a long way with stretching. I used to HATE it. I found it boring and couldn't get into it. I started doing the 10 minute stretch video that comes with Turbo Fire and I've incorporated it into my daily fitness routine.

I now find that I can actualy enjoy stretching but it has to be a short video and can't be holding the poses for too long. I tried yoga for the... 5th(?) time this weekend and honestly all it did was piss me off and put me in a terrible mood.

These may be excuses but some forms of exercise just aren't your 'thing' and yoga is certainly not mine. I have asthma so I find it really hard to get my breathing even and loooooooooong. I don't know any of the moves so when I'm supposed to have my eyes closed I'm instead watching the screen. I could name some other things but I don't want to complain too much ;)

I will still stretch and find some other forms but I feel like I've given this a good chance and maybe I'll try it again next year - maybe I'll feel differently about it then.

Do you have a form of exercise that you can't get into or don't enjoy?


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