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My fridge

On Sunday I opened my fridge and thought, "this is what a healthy fridge looks like." haha. I know, I'm so modest ;)

I'd like to point out that the wine actually isn't mine, I swear. Where to start... I'll start from the bottom-left.

  • Bottom shelf: my lovely Tupperware lettuce keeper. I do use it mostly for my prewashed romaine but it has also held my celery and other produce. In my Rubbermaid produce saver are my prewashed grape tomatoes. On top of the tomatoes are celery sticks. They have yet to be washed and put into my produce keeper and behind those is a container of plain Greek yogurt, a bag of hemp hearts, and my individual cups of Source yogurt (they're a new favorite of mine). Beside the wine is a container of left over whole wheat fettuccine from Friday when I made dinner for my mom and aunties. On top of that is some cracker topper lunch meat that my mom brought over for me to use on a pizza this week and of course my eggs :)
  • Middle Shelf: a jug of water so it's nice and cold, milk, my Rubbermaid produce keeper that currently has my prewashed celery, bell peppers, carrots, and cucumber. Behind everything is chicken and beef bouillon pastes and a jar of coconut oil. Light Cool Whip, it's great for those ice cream cravings and I use a dollop on top of my pancakes sometimes and behind those are just some prewashed and prepped foods, can't remember what they are right now
  • Top shelf: cooked chicken from Friday - I'm going to use this on a salad some time this week for dinner. Yogurt prepped to bring to work and the individual cup I mix it with, egg whites, hummus, prepped veggies to bring to work, spaghetti squash, my prepped lunches, Greek yogurt, and the rest are condiments and stuff I use to flavor my meals.
What do you have in your fridge?


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