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Not my average Sunday

What a crazy day! I had a sleep over with my niece last night so her and my cat woke me up at 3:00AM - 4:00AM with meowing and "auntie I need to go potty". After a few more hours of sleep she was up for the day at 6:30AM and had me making pancakes and ready for the day all before 7:30AM.

I've been sick since Monday night last week so I haven't worked out since last Saturday :( I'm not happy about this and I've definitely gained some cushion back between Thanksgiving, treats at work, and being sick.

This was supposed to be week 5 of Focus T25 Alpha phase and I missed all of it - so now I'm stuck between redoing all or part of alpha phase, or starting the new Bodyrock challenge. Decisions, decisions. (#fitproblems) haha.

Anyway, back to my crazy day: I've been up since 6:30AM running on about 4 or less hours of sleep. I should have napped while my niece was napping but I had to make myself lunch and got distracted with the Bodyrock challenge post with the links. Then to my parents place to send off my uncle and his wife who were in town for the weekend, then to Costco for chicken breasts since I was out, and then home to get working on food prep!

This week for lunch is chopped chicken breasts baked in teriyaki and soy sauces in the oven, brown rice cooked with beef bouillon, and steamed veggies. While those were going I chopped up all my raw veggies for snacks.

I'm going to take some 'before' shots tomorrow before I do whatever workout I end up doing because I'm feeling very determined this week >:) I got this. No more treats and no more mindless eating. Tomorrow I'm going to try not eating on my scheduled breaks and wait until I'm hungry. I find my job makes it challenging to stay on the right track because I have a desk job and because they basically tell me when to eat. So, tomorrow begins a new regime and I'm going to kick some ass!

-- Kelsey


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