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Mandarin salad

Happy Sunday all! I went grocery shopping yesterday and holy crap is my fridge packed. I bought a lot but most of the haul was fresh veggies. This week for lunches I am taking a great big salad. For protein I'm going to use either a salmon or basa fillet. I also bought more fresh veggies to continue with my raw veggies and hummus for my afternoon snack.

Yesterday I had a small bowl of frozen yogurt but I ate so many veggies. This was my dinner last night after my double up workout. On the Focus T25 schedule I did ab intervals and speed 1.0. I think speed 1.0 is my favorite video from the Alpha phase.

Anyway, back to the salad: so after my shower I opened my fridge and pulled out almost every vegetable I had bought. I saw these canned mandarin oranges at the store and remembered how delicious they were in a salad I had at a restaurant before.

So I chopped up 2 leaves of romaine, sugar snap peas, a mini English cucumber, cherry tomatoes, celery, and mushrooms. Top it with some of the mandarin oranges and drizzle with balsamic vinegar and olive oil. I keep a squeeze bottle in my fridge of premixed balsamic and oil, with a little honey to help incorporate the mixture. It was so delicious and the oranges with the dressing were just amazing. I didn't have any protein on here because my  mom brought some chicken thighs for me since I missed dinner at her place to do my workouts.


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