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Represent represent, Cuba!

I am back from Cuba! It was quite an adventure, the weather was beautiful but I was very ready to come home.

I only worked out twice while on vacation and they were both about 10 minute workouts... I tried going down to the gym there but people were using the mats and then the power went out when I had just started running on the treadmill.

The first workout I did in the room was pushups, jump lunges, Russian twists, and squat jumps. I did 10 of each twice through. The second workout I did was a 10 minute ab video a friend of mine found over a year ago. I like to add it onto my workout at least three times a week and I definitely notice more definition and strength when I do it regularly.

When eating at the buffet for meals I tried very hard to stick to 21 day fix portions for meals but the desserts were too good to pass up most days. My mom actually asked me if I lost weight when I got back haha, she's too sweet.

I have also now combined my Kelsey In Motion facebook page with my K Schick Fitness page in case anyone is wondering why they're seeing a new name posting. I didn't want to have to worry about posting to two pages so now you can still see my posts :)

Alright, time for work. I hope you have a wonderful day where ever you may be in the world!



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