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Some random things about me

I haven't been posting much lately so I decided to post some pictures to show you all what I've been up to!

This was my dinner the other night and it was so good. Hard earned meal after a kick ass circuit! Salmon burger from Costco (of course), 1/2 cup brown Jasmine rice, and a heaping cup of steamed veggies. Nutritional information: 400 calories, 47g carbs, 11g fat, 23g protein. Delish! I've been trying really hard to follow the IIFYM (if it fits your macros) flexible eating. Somehow I forgot how important veggies are haha. FAIL! So I've been making sure to get lots of fresh veggies every day and I'm feeling great.

The other night I went to pack my lunch and I grabbed a container out of the dish rack and it made me laugh that anyone who meal preps and packs meals probably has the same issue of plastic containers, measuring cups, and shaker cups every where haha.

These are my boys, Dexter and Rudy. I got Dexter, the black one, two days before my 21st birthday and he is now 5 1/2 years old. He is a bit of an asshole and likes to bite people. I believe this is due to him being part Siamese and because he was scarred for life after moving before moving here (I wish I was joking lol). And I got Rudy, that handsome guy with his tuxedo on, in August. He was a stray that someone kicked out. I don't understand how anyone couldn't want him. He is the sweetest boy and it breaks my heart that anyone could do that to any animal. I guess I'm just lucky that the girl that rescued him knows my cousin is also a cat lady but she is at max capacity for animals lol.

Alright, there's a little bit of me and what I've been up to! Cuba pictures to follow tomorrow or on the weekend :)

-- Kelsey


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