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My winter vacation (posting very late!)

Alright, how is everyone doing? It's been a while since I've posted again and for that I am sorry (if anyone even reads my blog...) At the end of January I went to Maui for my hot vacation this year! I went with my dad, aunts, uncles, and cousin.

I was actually hesitant to go to Hawaii because it is part of the USA and the dollar was crap when I went. However, I got a really good deal on my flight and the accommodations so I couldn't say no to going to this beautiful place AND get to see my dad's side of the family that I hadn't seen in over a year.

I hope you're ready for a crap-load of pictures because I couldn't pick 'just a few' when I took over 500...

The view from our condo lanai (balcony).

Our beach spot

My dad and I went for lunch my first day there and all the windows were open overlooking the ocean. A bird flew in and was investigating anything dropped on the floor.

The view when we walked out of the condo.

The flowers and greenery were so beautiful there.

There was wildlife and creatures everywhere.

Our favorite spot to grab a drink - Moose McGillicuddy's. Also where my dad and I had lunch the first day.

Mai Tai's were the drink of choice for most of the group. I'd have a couple but they were too sweet to have more than two.

Pictures from Lahaina:
The Banyan tree - this is all from one tree.

Parrots you could get a picture with for a fee or you could take pictures of them.

Me and my dad in Lahaina.

Lunch spot - I had a lentil burger and kale salad. The salad was amazing.

The 'Blow Hole' on the North West coast of the island.

My cousin joined in last minute because her dad, my Uncle, had a heart attack the day before I got there. He had surgery on Saturday morning, was released from the hospital Tuesday afternoon, and he was sitting on the beach with us the next Saturday.

A balanced snack :)

The sunset at the end of our street.

Of course I found a cinnamon roll place. It was amaze-balls.

One of my new favorite summer drinks - lava flow.

Drinks at Moose McGillicuddy's with my dad and Crystal. 

 Crystal is a photographer and was itching to take pictures so I volunteered for a sunset photo shoot. They turned out amazing!

Haleakala Crater:

My dinner at the luau. I had fish because they didn't have any non meat protein.

It was an amazing vacation and I highly recommend going if you can afford it. Renting a condo with a group of people is the way to go as well. Cheers!


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