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Spaghetti and veg-balls

This was my lunch twice this week. I had this spaghetti in my cupboard for an amount of time I won't disclose (but it was still sealed) and I bought the veggie balls from Ikea a few months ago and haven't made anything to put them in so when I was running low on food I threw this together.

This was super fast to make and filled me up until home time. The veggie balls don't taste anything like typical meat balls but they went well with the sauce and pasta.

This pasta sauce is really tasty and even has little bits of cheese that get all melty when you heat it up. I didn't even cook the sauce - I just put my cooked spaghetti on the bottom, threw some sauce on top, and threw the frozen balls on top. Microwaved until hot for lunch and BOOM. Lunch done in a few minutes.

I try to keep things on hand for times like these when I don't have much time or fresh produce. It saves me from having to run to McDonald's for one of their crappy salads or wraps. However, those are better than the alternative of the other few things I can actually eat there.

And with that, this post has come to an end and I hope everyone has a great weekend!



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