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Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

I hope everyone had a lovely time over the holidays. I've been sick since a week before Christmas so only three workouts have happened. I still have a hard time deciding between when I should rest and when I should workout. I also have a hard time going easy... I just want to go all out every time. I've also been eating ALL the things so I'm feeling extra fluffy these days. 😒

The picture above was my Christmas dinner though, which is likely the healthiest holiday dinner I have ever had haha. Wasn't much by choice since all the other things had meat. 😐

My favorite thing about Christmas is being with my family. I haven't been spending much time with them lately due to having more people and friends in my life. Although I'm planning on making more time for my family this year.

My niece was on the couch on Christmas day and my brother said he was going to come lie down with her and she said, "NO!" so I said I was going to and she moved right over... definitely melted my heart. Everything about her just makes my life glow. 💓

We were having a beautiful start to winter with higher than normal temperatures but now we're in the deep freeze 😬 But with the cold comes beautiful things from nature like hoarfrost on trees - definitely one of the few things I actually enjoy about winter.

I will take some progress pictures to motivate myself (as if being on a beach in March isn't enough motivation!) I can't wait to start working out again. It's one of those things that you grumble about when you have to do it but you know that it makes you feel good and you miss it when you can't do it.

I'm going to finish my Grey's Anatomy and head to bed, hope you all have a great weekend!



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