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Coconut Chips

When I was in Maui a year ago we stopped somewhere along the "Road to Hana" where there was a tiny coffee shop and a guy selling coconut chips outside his house. He had 5 or 6 flavors to choose from so I got vanilla and another one that I can't remember. And my dad got the volcano flavor which was a mix of sweet and spicy, and quite delightful. I looked up a recipe shortly after I got home from the trip and haven't actually tried it... until today.

While I was grocery shopping today I saw a coconut and thought, "OH!!! I can make coconut chips!" So in the cart it went.

I looked up a few different recipes but this one sounded easiest since baking the whole coconut does some of the cracking for you. You will need a hammer and nail to extract the juice and to finish the cracking but I know that the first crack is the hardest.

All I did this time was use a bit of salt because I wanted to try it out first but next time I will play around with different flavors.

I can't wait to pack these for work as a healthy alternative to chips or candy. Let me know if you have a favorite way of making these!

-- Kelsey


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