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New recipes!

A while ago I decided I eat too much of the same thing and it was getting monotonous so for my birthday and or Christmas I asked for a cook book. I had asked for either the Oh She Glows cook book or Thug Kitchen's first cook book as I wasn't sure at the time. My aunt got me a gift card instead though because it's cheaper to order online than purchase in store. So I ended up getting the Oh She Glows one.

The recipes look amazing and out of the two I've tried, I'm sold. Although I'm not vegan it's a great cook book and you can always swap out almond milk for regular milk if you're not ready for cutting out dairy.

The above picture is Angela's portobello 'steak' fajitas, which even the boyfriend was jazzed about. And the picture below is her Asian salad which you can make with either peanut or orange miso dressing. I made my own version of it since I didn't have some of the ingredients but it stilled turned out amazing.

I went through the entire book and have marked off all of the recipes I want to try, so I should be having some more pictures to post. I'm going to be respectful of her cook book though and will only be posting the recipes that are also available on her website. If you want all of the recipes it is definitely worth it to buy it.

This creation was not from a cook book, I just threw together what I had on hand, haha. Garden burger, avocado, lettuce, hummus, sriracha, and lime juice. It was ah-may-zing. Lime juice can add so much flavor to so many things - try it as a salad dressing for a low-cal option!

That's all for today, cheers!

-- Kelsey


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