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Moroccan Chickpea and Sweet Potato Stew

So, my mom's friends got me a calendar for Christmas and it has recipe on it for almost every day. It wasn't advertised as vegetarian recipes but so far they all have been!

I've made five or six of their recipes and they've all been great. They have a website where you can find their recipes so I'm not breaking any rules by sharing them. Here is the recipe for this amazing stew that I made last night. And here is the link for their website.

I've also made their sweet potato and black bean enchiladas, broccoli and turmeric yellow rice bowls, vegetable sushi bowl, and the lentil and grilled vegetable tacos. The enchiladas were probably my favorite.

This dish was filling and the spices make your taste buds dance. Definitely loving their recipes so far. The recipe calls for yogurt and lemon juice but I love sour cream so opted for a lactose free one and skipped the lemon juice because the bottled stuff just doesn't cut it for recipes like this.


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