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Sugar Detox - Update Numero Uno

Today was day four of no treats. I think I should stop referring to this as a 'detox' because I'm still eating some things that have added sugar: like cereal, yogurt, etc. To some this may not be different but as someone who has a major sweet tooth, this is really hard for me.

I'm happy to report I haven't had any candy or chocolate since Saturday. I was going to start on Monday until I realized I hadn't had any treats on Sunday. I had syrup with my baked french toast that morning but my goal was to not eat any sugar in candy or chocolate form.

I've been focusing on eating more vegetables again because I realized I wasn't eating balanced meals, they were mostly carbs. Carbs are important but you needs veggies to get your nutrients and vitamins. I feel great when I eat a lot of veg so I try to eat veg for all three meals. Or if I don't get with my breakfast I make one of my snacks a salad, raw veggies, or some other form of veg dish.

"Fail to prepare and you prepare to fail," this is said by every trainer and athlete. It's so true especially when it comes to your eating habits. If I don't prep for my meals during the week, they're all over the place and I'm throwing together boring dishes that I'm just not digging.

I bought the Oh She Glows cookbook a few months ago for some fresh meals and the calendar from A Couple Cooks is awesome but there are some weeks I haven't prepared a meal plan before going shopping. What I end up doing when that happens is buying stuff for stir fry which I love but then my snacks go back to the things I'm bored of and I'm not enjoying them. To stay on track you have to find foods and meals that you enjoy to prevent you from straying back to the poor food choices.

There are times that you have to grab something fast but there are almost always healthIER options you could be choosing instead of the Big Mac. Yes the salad or wrap is more expensive but when it comes to your health and goals, aren't those things a priority?

That's all for tonight friends. I hope you're doing great in whatever goal you're chasing after.

-- Kelsey


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