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Conclusion For Sugar Detox

I've been so busy this summer that I forgot to write about what happened when I tried cutting out sugar. It really didn't have the results I was hoping for but it did kind of help with some cravings.
I may have stopped eating candy and sugary drinks but I was still consuming alcohol and making poor food choices. To top it off, my boyfriend's parents were visiting so I took a break from workouts to spend time with them and eat the amazing food his mom was making for us. I feel pretty fluffy but no regrets! I can work this off.

I ordered Usana's french vanilla Nutrimeal to help get me back on track and curb the sugar cravings. It is a meal replacement shake and I have to say I'm quite impressed with it. I'm not normally satiated by shakes, no matter how much stuff I add to them so I was surprised that this 250 calorie shake kept me full for 2.5 hours from my lunch to my afternoon break. It also tastes like a vanilla milkshake so it was like a treat for lunch! They also have decadent chocolate flavor if that's more your jam.

I will take some progress pictures tomorrow and we'll see what I can do in a month. I like to set short term goals because you feel more accomplished and they're easier to achieve.

I also quit drinking alcohol last month and you'd think that would be a huge step in losing fat but not when you're drinking non-alcoholic alternatives for them lol. So that is another thing I'll be working on in this 30 day goal.

What are your goals for Fall? How was your summer? and did you stick with your exercise and food routines?

-- Kelsey


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