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A Beautiful Fall

I hope everyone in Canada had a lovely Thanksgiving the other weekend! And I hope that everyone is enjoying this beautiful fall weather. I don't look forward to Fall in the Summer, but that's because it means minus 40 weather is close behind it. But I do love Fall. The colors are gorgeous and the smell is lovely. 😄

I made this lovely stir fry for lunches the other weeks and made it again tonight. If you follow my blog you already know I love stir fry. Instead of rice or noodles I made quinoa. I prepared it with veggie broth instead of water to add flavour to it. Top it off with Sriricha and soy sauces, and you're golden. 😊

I went to a friend's wedding three weeks ago at Cielo's Garden in Grunthal, MB. It was a beautiful wedding but a cold and rainy day. Despite the chill and lack of sun we all had a great time and watched our friend marry her best friend with friends and family surrounding them.

My besties 💗 I've been friends with these amazing ladies since daycare and middle school. They're those friends that you can be your complete weird self and they totally get it lol. 

The day before the wedding the boyfriend and I went on a hike with our buddy. We did most of the hiking in Falcon Lake, MB, and did a short one in West Hawk Lake, MB. I reached my 10K step goal by noon that day. We did about 9 km in Falcon Lake in 3.5 hours and then did 1.5 km in West Hawk up to the view point and around.

I took so many pictures that day, the colors were just beautiful. But I chose a select few to share with you instead of inundating you with pictures that will likely all look the same to you, haha.

We made it to "The Top of The World!" It was amazing.

After our short hike we slowed down to determine which route was best to take home and there was this beautiful deer munching on a tree beside the gas station.

I'll admit that hiking isn't my favorite thing to do but the boyfriend enjoys it and it is nice to be outside in nature and see things that you don't get to see sitting on your couch. 😛

What are some of your favourite Fall activities?



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