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If there's one thing I excel at besides eating, it is procrastinating. I put things off and wait until 'later' to get it done. I once heard that clutter is a sign of procrastination and realized that it's totally true. I'm not a messy person but I definitely have clutter in my apartment because I just didn't feel like putting it away in the first place. Even if it where the thing belonged was right beside or below where I left it.

I'll put something on my bathroom counter that belongs in the cupboard just one foot below but because I'm that lazy I'll leave it on the counter. So what I've been doing lately is turning around if I've started walking away and put whatever I've left out, away. I do this with a lot of things. Not just leaving stuff around home. I also procrastinate with my life.

I'll know I need to go to the doctor or call for some other appointment and I don't make the time on my breaks or after work to do it. I talked about signing up for courses for probably two years before I actually signed up in September. However, part of that was because I hadn't completely made up my mind on what I wanted to take.

I'm always working at being a better version of myself in all aspects, not just health-wise. I want to improve in all aspects and dealing with things sooner rather than later is one of those things I've been working on and want to improve on.

What is something that you think you need to work on to become a better version of yourself?

-- Kelsey


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