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Merry Christmas!

It has been SO cold here in Winnipeg this past week and I'm about ready for it to be back to our normal -20C. It's been -30C and with the windchill it's dipping below -40C. 😩

With the cold weather though comes these beautiful sun dogs! Today they were huge but I couldn't get a good picture as I was driving home and I live around a bunch of tall buildings.

I tried catching one through the trees and you can barely see it but the picture still turned out pretty.

My boyfriend and I hosted our first Christmas dinner this year with my dad, brother, our roommate and his girlfriend, her roommate, and 4 our of friends.

I made my first turkey (HA! the vegetarian making a turkey) and it was reported that it was delicious. I used a recipe I found online that included melted butter with sage and rosemary. As far as I'm concerned, you can't go wrong when butter is involved.

Sides included roasted baby potatoes and Brussels sprouts, honey glazed carrots, vegetarian stuffing (that involved a stick or two of butter...), and lentil loaf with an onion balsamic gravy for the vegetarians.

My dad was in charge of carving the turkey because a) I don't like touching meat any more and b) he's just good at carving and butchering animals. Snackies consisted of olives, cheeses, crackers, asiago artichoke dip, smoked oysters (my fave), chips and salsa, and salted caramel biscotti.

I thought everything tasted good but I'm also pretty low maintenance when it comes to food. But everyone else said they really enjoyed it - let's just hope they weren't just being nice hahaha.

At work we have a food drive for Winnipeg Harvest every Christmas. The past two years I've collected cash donations because some people forget to bring stuff in or just prefer other people to do the shopping. I did it again in my new department and managed to collect just over $200.00.

I usually go to Costco, Superstore, and Dollarama for the food items because they are all good for different food items. I didn't have time this year to do all three as I did the shopping over my birthday weekend but I still got good deals at Superstore. I like to get a variety of food items on their 'need' list so I got beans, veggies, chili, baby food, pasta, pasta sauce, etc. I managed to find the bigger jars of baby food for $0.15!!! It feels so good to be able to make a difference to people in need, especially in the holiday season because for a lot of people it means stressing about money, food, and presents.

I've been toying around with the idea of branching out to non fitness related things. I've really been getting into makeup lately, as well as finding a way to tame this frizzy hair of mine. I'm trying to get over being shy so we'll see if videos will happen in the new year lol.

Let me know if there are any topics you'd like to see posts or videos about - they can be about anything. Food, fitness, hair products and tools, makeup, etc. I want to hear from you!

I hope everyone had a great Christmas and I wish you all the best in the new year.

-- Kelsey


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