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Grocery list staples

I mentioned in my food section that once you have a well stocked fridge that a salad is easy to make and you have so many options. It took me a few trips and days of eating fresh food to learn what my staples are. I buy food for myself only so I have to be careful how much I'm buying at once or else it all goes bad before I can finish it.

Here is a list of my staple foods:

- unsweetened almond milk
- baby spinach
- 1% cottage cheese
- oatmeal
- bananas
- frozen berries (blueberries, raspberries, strawberries)
- veggie burgers from Costco
- skinless/boneless chicken breast
- flavored tuna (great to mix with salad or pasta)
- fresh salmon fillets
- fresh lemons
- grapes
- cherries
- nectarines
- apples
- free run eggs
- egg whites (I can't justify using part of an egg so I buy a carton of egg whites)
- bell peppers (orange, red, yellow, and green)
- mini cucumbers
- sugar snap peas
- baby carrots
- raw unsalted nuts (walnuts, pistachios, cashews)
- President's Choice Blue Menu Finesse yogurt
- Quaker Corn bran squares
- Whole Grain Cheerios
- Granola cereal from Costco

I eat a lot of the PC Blue Menu items. The jams are awesome because they are low in sugar but still very tasty.


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