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19 weeks of working out!

I realized today that I usually take progress pictures in the middle of the month and somehow it's the end of October?!?!?! How did this happen? Time just seems to fly by.

So I took my progress pictures before my workout today and I realized as I was putting them together that I took them in the mirror today when I turned the camera towards myself in the previous ones. I am far too lazy to re-do them today, so perhaps tomorrow haha.

Click here to see my updated progress pictures. I removed some of the in between ones because they were becoming quite wide on the screen. I want to add them back in further down the page but my browsers (yes, plural) aren't showing the pictures in the editor which are making me quite angry.

I have a quiche in the oven and I may post pictures but I haven't decided how "clean" it is lol. It has butter, milk, and Bisquick but I added quite a few veggies.

I also once again find myself doing nothing on a night where almost every one else is out partying, dressed up in their costumes. I thought I had rid these hives but I got some new ones today and they're awful. Enough of my complaining though because obviously they aren't listening to me and it isn't helping!

What are you doing tonight?

-- Kelsey


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