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Dining out, be smart

Good morning!

Yesterday I went shopping with my mummy for her birthday so it was an 'active' rest day if you count power walking through the mall for 4 hours as active haha.

I bought some cute stuff but I'm realizing I don't want to buy jeans since I could be losing another size soon. I bought a medium swim suit bottom in the boy shorts style, and they're actually loose at the bottom of my cheeks. I guess I should start trying stuff on since I have no idea where I am on the size charts now.

As much as I enjoyed shopping (for once), I want to write about the decisions I made last night while eating at a restaurant.

I really wanted my favorite dish - fettucini alfredo, but I pushed my will power and said, "NO!" Instead I ordered the cobb salad (at Montana's) and got the cheese on the side and ordered balsamic dressing on the side instead of the ranch dressing it states on the menu. It was amazing! (I should have taken a picture before I started mixing it because they had arranged everything in wedges)

It came with iceberg lettuce (too bad it doesn't come with something more nutritional), turkey breast, bacon, green onions, hard boiled eggs, and mushrooms. I could have done without the bacon but I wanted to make sure I got enough calories for the day since I hadn't eaten anything substantial since the morning. I would rather be over my calories for the day than under, making sure I'm giving my body what it needs.

I have come a LONG way when it comes to dining at restaurants, however, I did order the mile high mud pie but shared it with the table of 10.

How do you do when you dine out?

-- Kelsey


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