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Food Journal - back on track

Good morning everyone! I just realized how much I love the clocks going back. I got a good amount of sleep, slept in, and it's still early!! =D I have time for so many activites! (Step Brothers reference lol)

I started using MyFitnessPal again because I feel like I was losing track of what I was eating and that I was getting careless. I started again on Friday so here is my food journal from Friday, Nov 2.

(Yes, that is a McDonald's McBistro sandwich on there. I went shopping with my mom and we were famished. I voted for Subway but she is a member of Curves and the swiss mushroom sandwich is on their list of 'allowed' foods for eating out. I did ask for no sauce but they basically threw the ingredients into a box. I had to assemble my sandwich myself. Even the meat was folded in half. I was very disappointed. My mom's was perfect though :/)

I remembered one of the reasons I stopped using it is because it made me feel guilty for going over my caloric intake for the day, but I feel like 1200 isn't enough for me - even when I haven't done a workout that day. So I'll still use it to keep track but I'm not too concerned about staying at 1200.

If you're not getting the results that you feel you should be getting, try eating more (healthy) calories to make sure you're fueling your body as needed. If you're always tired, you're probably not eating enough to fuel your body for the things you're putting it through.

I think this app is a great tool to stay on track for both food and water. It has a counter at the bottom of the page for you to log your water as well. I don't get paid from these people, I just like their app. I'm sure there are other ones to choose from as well but I can use this one on my computer, iPod, and Blackberry, so it is what works for me :)

Sundays are usually my rest days but I think I'm going to exercise today and rest tomorrow. I did Turbo Fire HIIT 20 minute workout yesterday, and it was awesome. I caught myself with a huge smile after one of the last bursts. It made me think of all the people on the Bodyrock app when they ask what everyone's motivation is.

At first I had to make myself exercise, just to get into a routine. Now, I WANT to exercise. It makes me feel so good during and immediately after. I am always smiling during my workout, even if I'm in pain from my shoulder or I'm itchy from these damn bites/hives. Work through it because you'll feel great after, even if you couldn't give it your 100%. How many times have you said, "Gosh I feel awful, I shouldn't have done that workout."? Probably never. How many times have you said, "Wow I feel great! I'm so glad I did that workout!" Probably after every workout you do. 

It takes some time but once you commit to this lifestyle, but after a while it isn't hard to just do it. I keep track of my exercise in my Gmail calendar so I have a visual of my week and month. I take rest days when needed, even if it means I won't get my minimum of 4 days a week. Last week I only had 3 workout days and I actually still saw good results. You just have to maintain your healthy eating when you're doing rest days. It's all about moderation. You can see how I keep track by viewing my journal here.

I am still getting these bites but I am certain it is from dust mites. I had an allergy test done when I was in elementary school and dust mites and tree pollen were positive on there. I got these last year in June/July but they went away after 2 weeks. This is going on 4 weeks already and they're way worse than before. I did a MAJOR vacuum sweep yesterday though and got about 10 new bites after so that's why I'm sure it is the dust mites causing this. I got quite a workout from removing all the small things from my bedroom, and moving all the furniture around so I could vacuum underneath it. I also did this for the living room - moved the couches and heavy coffee table. I was quite warmed up by the time I got to Turbo Fire lol. Here's what I look like all chewed up after cleaning, and my workout & shower. I have 4 on my face too :(

I don't have any new bites today yet, so maybe I've shown those dust mites not to mess around. Fingers crossed!!

Have a great day every one! What workout are you going to do today? Also, check out my cousin's blog. She's a vegetarian and her posts look delicious: http://bunnyhuggermunchies.wordpress.com/

-- Kelsey


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