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Grocery Shopping!!

Holy! My fridge was empty today. I did some grocery shopping a few days before I left and a lot of it went bad. I wasn't really thinking of how few days I was going to be leaving in when I went previously.

I still can't get over how much more expensive it is to shop in the winter but luckily I'm able to afford this lifestyle. I prefer eating healthy because it makes me feel great and doesn't hurt my stomach. So here is the list of food I bought today. Most of it will last the week and some for a bit longer. Don't mind the mess on top of and under the table. I haven't had time to clean since I got home from Jamaica, lol.

From left to right:
2 dozen eggs $1.99 ea - they were on sale for $1.99 each and I love eggs. They're my go-to when I need food NOW and they're great to throw in salads.
5 large bananas $1.70 - I use half for my oatmeal in the morning and the rest for either a snack at night or with cereal. I buy the large ones so I can use half and there still be a good amount.
French vanilla low fat coffee creamer $4.98
Green grapes $4.02 - my favorite morning snack at work.
Spartan apples $4.88 - I've tried a few types of apples and these are by far my favorite. They're super crunchy and sweet.
Broccoli florets $2.50 - I tried bringing these along with my baby carrots to work, but eating them raw really hurts my stomach. So now I steam them to eat with my meals.
Baby carrots $1.98 - these are usually on sale for $0.99 but I don't have a car to go back whenever I like.
Fresh Atlantic salmon fillets $5.23 - I cut it in half and had one half for dinner tonight and the rest will be for lunch. (will go into detail of how I prepared the salmon further down)
Lean steak chunks $7.10 - I'm going to throw these into my slow cooker tomorrow morning before I leave for work with my veggies. This will be my dinner tomorrow night and lunch for the next day. If there is enough I'll probably take the rest for lunch the day after that.
President's Choice Blue Menu Finesse yogurt cups $6.49 - I love these yogurts. They're low in sugar but aren't bitter like Greek yogurt. I'm sure they aren't the best out there but they work for me. These are also usually on sale for $2.00-$3.00 cheaper.
1% Cottage cheese $4.89- I actually prefer the lower fat content. The 2% tastes yucky to me. I eat this for my afternoon break at work and sometimes after my workout if I know I need to shower first and what not before being able to make a good meal. Protein!!
Fresh cremini mushrooms $0.92 - I like using these in salads and for my eggs.
Kraft Zesty Italian dressing $2.99 - it was on sale and it is low in calories. I plan on using it for salad and for seasoning my chicken breasts.
Baby spinach $3.48
Spring mix salad $2.48
Onion soup mix $0.98 ea - I bought this for my stew or to keep in my cupboard if ever needed.
Mandarin oranges $5.48
Whole wheat English muffins $2.57 - these are sometimes on sale for $1.00, but not today :(
Multi Grain Cheerios $4.78 (not in picture)

My total bill was $73.90. In the summer though, it's usually around $40.00-$50.00 a week, depending on what I need to stock up on that lasts a while. I shop at Superstore so I don't check prices. I've tried Safeway and Sobey's but my bill always ends up being $30.00+ more than when I shop at Superstore. They also watch competitor's flyers and they match their prices without advertising it.

My dinner tonight: half of my salmon fillet. I put a bit of unsalted butter on top of them, lemon juice, pepper, and Montreal steak spice. I bake it at 375F for about 20 minutes. They probably could have been taken out earlier but I hopped in the shower while it was cooking. My salad was about 1.5 c. of the spring salad mix with a tablespoon of Kraft roasted red pepper dressing, a cremini mushroom, and a bit of President's Choice  Blue Menu mozzarella cheese, shredded. For dessert, I had one of my mandarin oranges :)

I certainly miss the buffets at the resort because there were so many options and I didn't have to do any work! The shopping, the cooking, the cleaning. It was sooooo nice. Can I go back? :(

I did a Turbo Fire 30 minute workout today as well so I think I'm going to have some of my PC frozen yogurt :)

Good night! I have so much tv I have to catch up on on my PVR so off I go!

-- Kelsey


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