Zumba Faves


Hello everyone!

What a great trip. It was so much fun to see all my family and celebrate such a beautiful event. I'm so happy I was invited and was able to make it.

I did bring my workout gear and interval timer with the intention of working out every day but we had visiting to do! I did manage to create a Bodyrock workout to do in my hotel room: pushups, ab tuck, tricep dips, 2 jacks & 2 switch lunges. I did this on Sunday because we got there late on  Saturday night. I also got in a Turbo Fire HIIT 15 minute workout that I managed to find on youtube (most of the video) on Monday after the ceremony and before the dinner. I also danced the whole friggin' night on Monday, haha. I drank more than my fair share of calories that night though and ended up losing my phone and camera (along with the 300+ pictures I had already taken).

We also went on a catamaran excursion on Wednesday that took us snorkeling and to Dunn's river falls. The hike up the falls was an hour but it definitely didn't feel like it. It also felt great knowing that I was able to do it so easily because of my exercise regime.

Also, it was actually really easy to eat healthy there. The buffets were awesome! Endless salads and veggies and sooooo many options. I did do a few cheats but hey, I was on vacation! I think I actually lost a bit of jiggle on my stomach while on vacay.

I have no where to compare this place to but honestly, it was amazing. The staff and the entire experience was just awesome. If you're going to Jamaica, go to the Riu in Ocho Rios.

Here are some pictures that I took on my mom's camera. Luckily I told her to bring her's just in case. I'm also a bit disappointed that I didn't get to my goal for a defined tummy in time lol. There were some people on the beach though that were wearing bikinis that definitely shouldn't have been. Enjoy! And yes, it was as awesome as it looks :D


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