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Work out with my Mama


Last night was so fun. I had asked my mom if she could drive me to the store to put money on my laundry card (I have no car for now because mine got written off in July) and she was going to drop me off and be on her way but she had some time to kill and was hungry so I told her I had some chicken breast thawed out to make a stir fry but I wanted to do my workout first.

She came in with the intention of making the stir fry while I worked out because she has been feeling fatigued since she also got her needles for travel, but she had 4!!! I don't know how she did it lol. She ended up doing Turbo Fire HIIT 25 minutes with me and it was so fun. I thought I liked working out by myself but it is rather fun with a workout buddy.

It's funny too because I have limited space but we work so well together we knew how to coordinate when we were supposed to turn. We'll have to do this more often :)

We then made the stir fry together, well, she started the chicken while went for a quick shower. It was really good:

3 small chicken breasts (boneless, skinless)
minced garlic and onion
3 cups Normandy style frozen veggies from Costco
2 cups fresh bean sprouts

I seasoned with soy sauce, Better than Bouillon chicken flavor, and original flavor Mrs. Dash.

I also got some tips from someone I work with about these hives, she says she gets the same kind of thing. She suggest I wash my bedding in hot water, with no detergent to avoid more irritation. I did the hot water but I still used detergent because I like the smell lol. She also suggested I take as cool a shower as I can handle because the heat makes it worse. I also went out and bought the Life brand version of Aerius, which my co-worker said is the best one that works for her. I certainly feel way less itchy today but I don't have any new ones. Which is great! But it would be nice to pin point what helped.Either way I'm grateful :)


-- Kelsey

FU Fat Ass workout

September 11
Oct 30
I'm happy with the results because I beat some of my previous reps but I was really sore and didn't push as hard as I could have.

Workout Breakdown:

1) Push-Ups (knees) 11 (toes) 8
2) Tuck Abs 11 11
3) Squat & Press 13 14
4) Clean & Press 7 8

5) Bicycle Abs 12 12
6) Jumps Lunges 28 32
7) Bicep Curls 17 12
8) V Abs Left 10 12
9) V Abs Right 10 12
10) Tricep Dips 9 11
11) Mountain Climbers 47 54
12) Burpees with Push-up 4 4
13) Squat & Press 16 13
14) Over Head Abs 6 5
15) Jump Lunges (frog jumps) 6 30
16) Switch Kicks 10 8


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