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Merry Christmas!

Good morning everyone! I hope Santa was good to you but more importantly, I hope you get to spend the holidays with your loved ones. Maybe it's because I grew up without expensive gifts but I feel that Christmas should be about getting to be with and enjoying spending time with you friends and family. I'm very blessed that I have an amazing family and I love being with them. We also play lots of fun games: tomorrow I'm crossing my fingers for Payday and Cards Against Humanity. I doubt we'll play the latter due to it being fairly offensive haha. It's so funny though! (You can actually download the PDF online and print them off).

As much as I love the holidays, I can't wait to be back on track with eating clean. I've gained so much jiggly back on my stomach and thighs, I'm so disappointed in myself. It's no one's fault but my own because I should have the will power to say "NO!". I guess this will be a New Year's resolution for me since I'm on track of maintaining a regular fitness routine.

Tomorrow will be another day filled with delicious food and desserts, with another one to follow on Boxing day. I will probably do a quick workout tomorrow even though I should probably take a rest day. I've worked out 4 days in a row since I missed two days last week.

Like I said in my previous post, I'm really hoping to be posting more in the new year but I just haven't been diggin' it this month and the last 3 weeks I've been on late shift. It throws me off so much - I get home around 7:00 PM, then I workout and have a rinse off shower (I was my hair every second day. It's long and gets fried if I wash it more), and then I make myself dinner. So I'm usually eating dinner around 8:30 PM. If I have plans after work I have to skip a workout since it's already late. I can't wait to be back on schedule with an early shift!

Non fitness related - I got offered a position at work which would have been an amazing opportunity but I just didn't feel that I'm ready for it at this time in my life. I have too many shitty things going out and I'm already stressed out about my personal life (more to come at a later date). It was also something that I don't think I'd be interested in or enjoy doing. I like where I am for the time being and maybe in a few years I can start climbing the ladder. I'm only 24, I have plenty of years to become a director, haha!

(Alright, it is almost 1:00 AM so I should start thinking about going to bed)

I wish you and you family a very merry Christmas and a happy New Year. Remember, those resolutions don't happen on their own. You need to make them happen ;)

-- Kelsey


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