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Hello! For the last two Sundays I have gotten some of my stuff prepared for the week. I washed and preportioned out my grapes that I have for my morning snack, and I got my celery and carrots cut up for three days. At home I like to have my stuff prewashed so I can just grab it and eat. The green container is an ancient one from Tupperware but it is amazing. My lettuce keeps for days and my celery stays crunchy for over a week. I used to by the prewashed lettuce and spinach from Dole so I have saved up quite a few of the clear plastic containers that I now use to store my carrots and heads of romaine when I don't have room in the green one.

I think having stuff ready is one of the most important things in maintaining your clean diet. A lot of the time people go for the awful processed stuff because it's quick and easy. No excuses! Having stuff ready and prewashed makes it quick and easy too ;)

Last night when packing my lunch I found this container I had bought a few months ago. I don't really get to use it because it's really meant for sandwiches. I have vowed that I'm going to come up with ways to use it because it's cute and saves on containers. Today I brought left over pizza because my dad came over. I lived off my huge pizza all last week so I don't think I could handle another day of pizza haha.

On Saturday I started the new 30 day challenge they have on the BR site. Here's the fit test if you want to join me :) I can definitely feel it today. I'm disappointed in myself for neglecting the HIIT workouts because I feel like I've lost quite a bit of the strength I had gained from them. Here's the link for the 4 minute ab workout for yesterday. And here is today's workout. Here are my results from the fit test:

squat jumps - 32
push ups - 20 (real ones!!!)
burpees - 10
high knees - 124
switch lunges - 36
tuck jumps - 17
tricep dips - 18
surf boards - 26
1/2 burpee & monkey push up - 10
switch jumps (pike jumps) - 30
side lunges and leg lift - 25
frog jumps - 24

Let me know what yours were if you're joining me!! =)

Have a wonderful day and hopefully I'll be writing soon.

-- Kelsey


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