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Switching things up!

Hello! I've been seriously neglecting my blog and I'm sorry for those of you (if any) that actually pay attention to it lol. I've been so busy lately, stressed out as well, sick with pneumonia, and currently consumed by The Vampire Diaries on Netflix :) My gosh are there some gorgeous men on that show. What better motivation to exercise haha.

I took 9 days of rest while sick and it nearly killed me! That is the longest I have gone without working out since I started in June. My body really needed it although my lungs are still healing and I have a dry hacking cough now, which sucks when it attacks during a workout.

The title of this post is referring to my groceries that I bought tonight. I am a creature of habit and can easily live off the same meals and snacks for quite a while. But tonight I was at Costco and decided to try some new things to give myself some variety. My breakfasts and snacks are almost always the same:

Oatmeal with frozen blueberries, half a banana, unsweetened almond milk. I used to use half a scoop of my protein shake but my cousin who finish university in nutrition suggested that I use flax seeds instead. So I guess I started switching things up this morning :) I put a tablespoon of whole flax seeds in this morning and I really enjoyed it.

For my morning snack I have a PC Blue Menu Finesse yogurt cup and a handful of green grapes. Today I bought pears to swap out with the grapes.

I'm also trying something more cost friendly for my salad. I was buying the plastic containers of baby spinach and one of the spring mix or baby romaine. Tonight I bought a pack of romaine hearts and split it with my mom because there were 6! in there. But it makes much more sense because I think it was under $4 for all of them. I also bought some baby zucchini to test out some recipes I have pinned on Pinterest that are just sitting there for me to drool over. I'm going to do some more grocery shopping tomorrow and pick up some more stuff for the recipes :)

My cousin's boyfriend suggested using the romaine leaves as little boats or taco shells in lieu of sandwiches. I plan on posting these creations on my food page. I can't wait!

(I seriously love Costco haha) I bought new shoes tonight too and I'm VERY excited to work out with them tomorrow. I love my Nike Musiques but my arches were getting achy and these new ones feel like they have awesome support. They're Adidas cross trainers. I also got new exercise shorts and for $14.99 they're really nice material too. Much more affordable than Lululemon. Don't get me wrong, I love Lululemon but I can't afford their stuff right now.

Since I was out of commission for a while and I gained some body fat back during the holidays I feel like I'm starting all over again. So I have started the calendar provided by Turbo Fire and I took new starting pictures. I'm excited to see how following their schedule will get me results. I can't wait to share :)

Alright! I'm going to have some tea and then off to bed for this lady. Thanks for all your support my friends. It's very much appreciated. xoxo

-- Kelsey


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