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All moved in!

Hello friends! This will be a short post because I NEED to have a chill night (or what's left of the night). I've been GO GO GO for the past week and I'm DONE!

I moved into my new place on Saturday with the help of my amazing friends and family. I had no idea I had so much support and it was really emotionally over whelming to be honest. It's nice to know you're loved that much lol. I LOVE my new place too. My own space, the first time living on my own. Well, I have my cat Dexter here too, and he has enough personality to fill this apartment lol. He's also loving all the space making entrances and exits.

I had a day off work today and went to the dentist and got my cable and internet installed. And I managed to do my first workout in a week. It felt like torture :( I wanted to do more too but I was waiting for the damn installers (which almost didn't end up showing up, good thing I work for the provider haha). I did "Dripping with sweat" from Bodyrock and Turbo Fire HIIT 15.

Here are my scores:

I did 30s work 10s rest to make it 15 minutes and I used 5lb dumb bells

1) 10 High Knees & 4 Half Squat Jumps 4
2) Bicep Curl & Press 9
3) Jump Touch Downs 25
4) Chest Press & Side Flys 8
5) Surfboards & Turn 22
6) 4 Low Squat Jumps & 4 Wide Arm Push Ups 2
7) 10 Runs & 4 Tuck Jumps 2
8) Round the worlds 5
9) 4 Jumping Jacks & 4 Squat Floor Touch 4.5
10) Front Raise & Chest Press 8
11) Switch Kicks 11
12) Tricep Dips 12
13) 1/2 Bupree & Surfer Turn 6
14) Upright Row 13
15) 10 Runs & 4 Jump Lunges 4
16) Bentover Row 16
17) 2 low squat & Frog Jump 14
18) Side Fly Raise & Chest Press 7
19) 10 straight Punches & 10 Left & 10 Right Punches 2
20) 8′s 8

Alright, it's a long weekend here in Canada so I will do some blogging then, if not sooner :)

Good night you sweet people <3

-- Kelsey


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