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The only equipment I have purchased for the Bodyrock workouts are the interval timer and the equalizers. I made my sandbag following this tutorial: http://slimmingdownforthedress.blogspot.ca/2012/03/sand-bag-tutorial.html and it cost me approx $35 for the material and A LOT of patience to sew it. If I had the money, I would probably still purchase one (they have cheaper ones at Walmart and Sportchek) because the handles on mine aren't ideal. They're soft so they fold when you're doing certain moves. I would prefer to have one with the rubber/plastic handles. I have 3lb and 5lb dumbbells, but plan to buy heavier ones when I need to. My jump rope was $7 at Sportchek. I found the yoga blocks at a thrift store for $3 for both, even though I've used them once haha. I have a resistance band that came with Tony Horton's Ten minute Trainer, that I use with Turbo Fire. And my new runners are Adidas cross trainers that I got from Costco for $35, and they are so comfortable. For a UGI ball, I plan on making one (maybe I'll have time and funds for it in the next few months) using a tutorial I found on Flickr. I want the real one but I can't justify $100 for a soft medicine ball.


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