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Costco run of new things!

Alright, so last night I went to Costco with my mom - it was a more expensive run compared to my usual. I did buy quite a few things though that will last a while. I bought a few new things this time that I'm already quite excited about after just one day.

On my table/fridge:

    • egg whites
    • almond butter
    • trail mix
    • non fat plain Greek yogurt
    • frozen fruit salad
    • cottage cheese
    • bananas
    • frozen blueberries
    • unsalted butter
    • cucumbers
    • light Havarti cheese slices
    • coconut oil
    • green tea
    • rotisserie chicken
    • apples (in the fruit basket)
    • avocados (in the fruit basket)
    • box of frozen chicken breast (not pictured)
    • 2.5 dozen eggs (not pictured)
    • grape tomatoes (not pictured)
    I've been getting into smoothies as an evening snack or if I have a really light dinner I'll have a smoothie on the side so that's what the frozen fruit salad is for. I bought the green tea because I've read it helps your metabolism but mostly because I've read/heard that it gives you energy which is something I need in the afternoons. I had 2 cups today because of my sore throat and I have to say that I didn't crash at 1:30PM like I usually do. I highly recommend the Kirkland brand. It tastes really nice and has 'instructions' on how to make 'real' Japanese green tea.

    I also bought the coconut oil for a few reasons. Also note that I looked elsewhere for a better price and you will not beat Costco. I originally hadn't bought it here because it is so much but I wasn't about to pay $12 for less than a third of this amount when this tub was $17.99. I bought it for the following reasons:
    • as a healthy fat source (oatmeal, eggs, etc.)
    • to use in my hair
    • to use on my skin
    • to replace butter
    I used it on my hands last night before bed, this morning in my oatmeal (which tasted so yummy), and on my hair after my shower. It really is a multi purpose oil. The ends of my hair are usually really dry but they feel soft and nourished today. Don't use too much... I barely used any really. And it made such a nice light coconutty flavor in my oatmeal; it was really pleasant. I'm really looking forward to how many other uses I can find for it.


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