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Last night I went grocery shopping... I'm getting into a bad habit of buying too much at once again. There are too many choices!!! I want them all!! I guess we'll see how much goes bad on me but luckily I have produce savers - I'm hoping these will help me. 

Last night's haul was:
  • frozen yogurt (for treats)
  • 1% milk
  • walnut halves
  • eggs
  • grape tomatoes
  • fat free coffee creamer
  • yogurt
  • beef for stir fry
  • brown rice
  • craisins (for salads)
  • flax seed
  • lemons
  • grapes
  • trail mix
  • bananas
  • cottage cheese
  • hummus
  • black olives from the deli bar
  • avocado
  • veggie steamer (I'm quite excited to try it)
  • marble rolling pin!

I bought the avocados because I'm trying to get more fat in my diet. I'm also trying to get more nuts in there too (walnuts, pumpkin seeds, anything besides peanuts). I made another stir fry last night for about 2.5 meals worth: 2 lunches and one small/light dinner.

I also ended up taking a rest day yesterday because it was almost 8 by the time I got home, I hadn't had dinner yet, I was starving but I like to workout now before eating. So I called it a rest day and I'm going to go hard tonight. I'll post on my facebook page what I end up doing!

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-- Kelsey


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