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Sunday funday

I love my Sundays - when I  don't have anything planned.

It's my relax day. My workout day. My chore day. I can get everything done that I want to and I don't have to rush. I can mosey around my apartment and get distracted with cleaning, organizing, etc.

It's also my day to do laundry and do any cleaning that needs to be done. You get your home all ready for the busy week ahead so you can come home to your sanctuary. Living alone has definitely helped considering I barely have to clean anymore... basically only vacuuming since I find a pile of Dexter (my cat) behind the couch every once in a while.

Sunday is also my day that I usually like to do my grocery shopping. You restock your fridge with healthy yummy food, plan out your week, and prepare all you meals and snacks. I love being organized. It not only saves times but it prevents you from making bad decisions. I don't keep much in my cupboards when it comes to 'unhealthy' food but there are still some days that I want to reach for something easy and it's less healthy than what needs to be made in my fridge. So I like having stuff already made so when I'm exhausted after my workout and I just want to be done for the day - I can just reach in my fridge and either just heat it up or make it easily.

I took a rest day yesterday because I was fairly sore from the Turbo Fire 45 I did on Friday. Those side kicks and roundhouses really work your sides. I didn't even know why they were sore until I did the Turbo Jam today and those muscles were crying a bit when doing those back kicks again lol. Today I did a Bodyrock video, Turbo Jam 20 minute, and Turbo Fire stretch 10. If you want to see my results for today you can find it on my Facebook page, (please remember to "like" it too!!). The first thing I notice from incorporating the Turbo videos again is that my waist seems to slim down really fast. But that is because you are constantly twisting with punches and kicks. If I don't have time for a full Turbo video I put some pumping music on and just do some of my favorite moves. :)

I bought something yesterday for my lunches and I'm quite excited about it! I'm so easily excited haha, It's like buying new socks. (You know what I'm talking about)

I'll post my grocery haul in another post later on and I'll post a picture of what I bought too ;)

Enjoy your Sunday!!!


  1. Weekend is the best days for me (Saturday and Sunday), It's the day were in I can relax and do the chores that I need to do and be with my family. Rest is needed to be healthy.


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