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Happy Sunday everyone! I got a killer workout in today: ZWOW #21, Turbo Fire HIIT 25, and TF Stretch 10. It felt so great to get a nice long workout in.

Last week I made some changes to my daily routine since this layer of fat on my abs will NOT go away. My snacking in the afternoon and the evening were a big problem. I would normally snack an hour after my lunch and then after dinner I would be snacking before going to bed. So what I've been doing is writing down what time I'm eating and making sure I'm not eating too soon because I'm bored and not hungry yet.

The schedule I've been using as a guideline is:
7:00AM - breakfast
2-3 hours - snack
2-3 hours - lunch
2-3 hours - snack
2-3 hours - dinner

You'll notice that there are only 5 times instead of the 6 that I used to follow. I really feel that this has been working and I'm excited to see what kind of changes will happen in the next week. I do notice so far that the line at the top of my abs has become more defined and has gone a bit further down. I know it will take some time to notice more and it's really hard to be patient but you HAVE to be. If something isn't working within a week, try a week longer.

Another thing that I've been trying to do differently that I found in the Hip Hop abs booklet (from my mom) is working out before eating and being almost hungry. They explain that if you wait at least a few hours after eating to exercise your body will be in a semi-fasting state, meaning it will be burning more fat. I do actually feel like this is working for me so far. Remember that what works for one person may not work for another. The reason I started this blog was to help people like me who felt really overwhelmed with information and where to start but it doesn't necessarily mean that what I'm doing will work for you too. It's just a guideline and a starting point.

I've also been trying to workout every day, when time permits. I don't do strength training every day so on 'rest days' I'll do some type of cardio - Turbo Fire/Jam, the Biggest Loser DVD, Just Dance for PS3, etc.

Please check out and 'like' my Facebook page to see what I'm doing every day and things between blog and posts and to have a community of people that WANT to change and actually want to see things about fitness lol.

Have a great day!

-- Kelsey


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