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Too many Costco trips

Last night I went to Costco again and I promised myself I was only getting 3 things: lettuce, sports bras, and cat litter. Of course that nevers happens when you're shopping at Costco and I ended up spending the same as last week! However, I bought some new sweaters and new shoes for walking to work.

I'm also really  happy with my food choices last night. I got home and cooked up a garden burger: while this was cooking I had some cottage cheese. My mom was coming to pick me up and I wasn't that hungry yet so I put the burger in a container and took it with me. Also in my bag was 1/4 cup of my trail mix and my water bottle. My parents ate at Costco and I sat there thinking about my burger in the car :)

When I got home I was fairly hungry though but it was late so I threw together this salad:

romaine and red leaf lettuce, craisins, walnuts, and strawberries. Topped with a wee bit of Kraft raspberry vinaigrette dressing. It was so good and was nice and light shortly before bed time.

Yesterday morning while I was walking to work I decided that I really need new runners for walking to work. I got my current pair of Reebok Realflexes a year ago in March and up until I moved they were in decent condition. But clocking 4 km's a day has taken a toll on them lol. So while I didn't want to spend much at Costco last night I ended buying a new pair of walking shoes! They are also Reebok and are so comfortable. I'm finding I'm having a hard time deciding if I want to wear my new shoes outside! These will be my walking shoes and I'll keep my Sketchers and Adidas pairs for indoor workouts. What shoe brand/model do you love?


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