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My weekend

What a busy but FUN weekend I'm having. I had a nice Friday night and got to relax and play guitar for close to 3 hours. I then cleaned my kitchen at 10PM haha! Does that mean I'm growing up? lol.

Yesterday I smashed out the Week 1 - Day 3 workout from the 30 day challenge and I am so sore from it, it feels so good knowing I've worked my muscles. Later I went to a wine festival and got nice and toasted (we kept it classy and got day drunk at the matinee time from 1 to 4) then went to my aunt's place to finish the evening off :) She made lasagna and I enjoyed a piece of it - everything in moderation. I also had some perogies that I was craving last night. Today I'm back to my clean eating and hopefully my body doesn't reflect what I did to it yesterday haha.

Today I have a baby shower to attend (hopefully I'll stay out of the naughty finger foods) and in the evening I have a friend coming over I haven't seen in a while :)

I'm not doing the Bodyrock video scheduled for today so I'm going to do a Turbo Fire HIIT instead and tomorrow I'll go hard. What did you do this weekend?


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