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The weekend!!

Happy Friday everyone!

I did some major grocery shopping last night and I realized it had been a while since I posted a grocery haul so I arranged everything on the table (just for you) and took a picture. I didn't have time to post it though so I will do that sometime this weekend. I'll admit it may take until Monday since I have a heck of a weekend ahead of me. Friend's dinner tonight, another friend's birthday party tomorrow, and my cousin's birthday party on Sunday. I'm planning on squeezing my Insanity videos in there too.

I didn't bother finishing Week 4 again since there were only 2 days. I started Insanity (minus the fit test, oops) last week. My legs have been so sore, which means it's working lol. I'm hoping this will help me lean out because I don't know what else to do about getting these abs out. I feel like I eat pretty clean (aside from a treat here and there: I've been really good lately) and I can actually notice a difference on my stomach just after a few days. I can't wait to see the results if I can continue fitting the hour long videos into my day :/

Have a wonderful weekend!!!

-- Kelsey


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