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Healthy dessert

Good morning!

I was worried that my legs would be uber sore today but they actually feel better than yesterday. Progress =)

I can't wait to have my camera back - the lens won't come out so I had to send it in for repair. I would be posting more pictures but my phone takes crappy pictures. I do have a food diary album on my facebook page. When I remember I take pictures of my meals and snack throughout the day.

As I'm sure you've read many times on here I have a sweet tooth. I've been using fruit to satisfy this craving instead of the ice cream in my freezer (it is a low fat, low sugar one but still not good haha). Last night for 'dessert' I cut up an apple into small pieces and microwaved it for a few minutes until it was a bit soft. Sprinkled some cinnamon and a small drizzle of honey. It definitely hit the spot and is a much better option than candy or ice cream. (I have a picture of it but can't upload it right now)

I'm pretty excited about my lunch today: pesto chicken, brown rice, and steamed veggies. I use chicken and beef stocks for my rice and veggies. Costco (of course) sells these awesome pastes that come in jars. They have beef, chicken, and now vegetable flavours. I have the first two. So last night I made my rice and veggies with the beef to switch things up. Who said veggies have to be boring?

What are some of your favorite healthy options and/or lunches?


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