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A few weeks ago when I was on Zuzka's website I found a post that I really needed to read. I feel like I've been stuck at the same stage for a long time and I'm not getting the results I want. Here's what gave me that kick in the ass: http://www.zuzkalight.com/blog/not-losing-weight-coffee-talk/

For the last few weeks I have been doing shorter than normal workouts but I also wasn't pushing myself as hard as I could have and should have. The last week I've really been pushing myself and the soreness I'm feeling for days after is enough to remind myself how lazy I've been lately. I used to be able to do workouts I thought would be hard but I wasn't sore the next day. Now I'm doing ZWOWs and DailyHIITS and I'm sore for days after. Even Insanity. It's definitely not a good feeling but it's a great reminder that I need to push myself as hard as possible. HIIT workouts aren't effective if you aren't giving your all.

Yesterday I indulged in some treats at the street festival I went to: pizza for tenant appreciation day, mini donuts (shared with my aunt), beer, and half a burrito. I did walk a lot yesterday so that burned some extra calories but those things aren't good regardless of how many calories I burned. So there is my treat day for the week. I normally don't plan treat meals because I actually enjoy eating my healthy meals - they make me feel great and I don't get tired or an upset stomach after eating my good meals. I DO plan my sweet treats though. I like a good bowl of ice cream or frozen yogurt. I do still keep it in moderation though - not a heaping bowl of ice cream. Half a cup is just fine and probably even that is too much for me now.

I have my chicken breasts thawing, my brown rice cooking, and my veggies ready for my meals this week. I need to run to Costco for more Greek yogurt - I went through 3 small tubs of it last week! I'm still having a hard time with sweets but I have definitely been better this last week than before. Baby steps =)

I hope everyone had a great weekend, prepare your meals for the coming week, and remember to relax and enjoy life. Find a balance between your fit life and your family life.

-- Kelsey


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