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So many containers

I find it funny how many containers I take to work for my lunch and snacks. This is a typical day for me. Last week I bought ground beef and cooked it up to add to salads.

On the left: the top container is a trail mix from Costco. It has dried blueberries and cranberries, yogurt chips, cashews, and almonds. The second container is plain Greek yogurt with fresh strawberries. Bottom left is my cucumber and tomato salad with some fresh chopped spinach on top. The stack of containers on the right is for my lunch: Salsa with plain Greek yogurt, lean ground beef, and chopped romaine with chopped tomatoe and half an avocado.

I have quite an assortment of plastic containers and I love the Ziploc containers because they all have measurements on them :) makes it easier for portion control and for when I enter my food into Myfitnesspal.


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