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Sunday = prep day

On Sundays I try to get my lunches ready so I don't have to worry about making it every night or morning.

This one is super easy to throw together. Frozen chicken breasts thawed and baked with pesto, brown rice cooked with beef stock, and veggies steamed with beef stock as well. These were huge chicken breasts so three of them were enough for 5 lunches. I ran short on veggies but those are easy enough to steam up later in the week. I'm going to freeze a few of them for later in the week as well because I'm paranoid about food poisoning haha.

I normally chop my celery and carrots for the week too but I need to go grocery shopping again. They're great to have at work and when I'm at home and looking for something to munch on. I've gotten over eating them with dip but if you're looking for a low cal healthy dip try plain Greek yogurt with onion soup mix or other spices. I have an Epicure dip mix that is amazing in dip and on veggies.

Hope everyone is having an amazing week so far!


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