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Hodgepodge stir fry - round 2

I made my hodge podge again tonight since it was good and I needed more veggies today. I didn't get to take my afternoon break so I hadn't eaten since lunch. I had a few veggies with hummus when I got home before my workout so I had a fairly large dinner tonight.

Last night I forgot to add celery and sugar snap peas which is why they're asterisked in the recipe. This one turned out much better because I didn't cook it too long. The pasta is PC blue menu fettuccine and was left over from the weekend and I used 2 tablespoons of alfredo sauce... I was starving and didn't care about how unhealthy the sauce was haha, and of course an egg. (I need to buy another palette from Costco again).

I love being able to create things without a recipe but it certainly wasn't overnight. I've made a lot of gross things while experimenting with herbs and spices, and food combinations. I also used to watch a lot of Food Network haha. They have great ideas :)


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