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My runner addiction

Yesterday I bought new runners (the Asics) and I bought another pair since they were BOGO half off. I need to take the other ones back because they make my feet cramp. They're New Balance and initially I thought they were amazing - they're so squishy. But there's just something about them that my feet don't like. I plan on taking them back and exchanging them for a new pair of Reebok Realflexes to replace my black ones. These are by far the most comfortable runners I have or have ever had.

Starting at the top going clockwise:
Adidas - these are really comfy for a cheaper shoe ($35.99) and have a great wide base. I noticed a huge difference the first time I wore them for Turbo Fire. I've had these since December 2012 so they're probably due to be retired for workouts soon.
Reebok - these are Reebok Realflexes. As mentioned about these are my favorite pair of runners for everyday wear. My knees and feet are rarely ever sore if I'm wearing these. I have to be on my feet for a very long time before they start hurting in these. I've had these for close to 3 years and they're still in fairly good condition considering I walked to work in them 5 days a week starting in February.
Asics - these are my new pair that I'm very happy with. They're brighter than I was looking for since these will be my every day shoes. They are amazingly comfy though - I suggest checking them out if you're looking for new shoes.
Nike Musiques - I bought these at the same time I bought my Reeboks (Sportchek had their BOGO sale then too) and I haven't worn these out but they don't have enough cushion for my knees but they'd be great for wearing to the gym for a weight session. I had a black pair that I've worn the crap out of in the 3+ years that I wore them for my everyday shoes.
Saucony - I bought these earlier this year and I bought these with the intent of using them for running. Since that's not happening I've used them for walking to work all summer. They're great for my arthritic knees and feet - so much cushion it's amazing. With my new shoes though I think these are my new indoor workout shoes.
Sketchers - I picked these babies up at Marshall's for under $40 and they are super light and are fairly cushioned considering they don't look like they have much. I currently alternate between these and my Adidas for my workouts, depending what I'm doing.

Some girls have a high heel collection but I prefer runners. They are practical and are what work for me. I'm sorry, but there is no such thing as a comfortable heel. If a runner can make my foot cramp I don't have time for high heels lol. Let me know what your favorite shoe brand is!


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