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Lunches - steak and (sweet) potatoes

I have the day off today and I didn't have time to prep on Sunday so I'm prepping lunches today.

I have my cousin staying with me for a month while she does her practicum at our local newspaper and it's fun because we share a passion for eating healthy and working out. Last night we went grocery shopping because my fridge was bare!

My fruit bowl looks amazing! My cousin eats way more fruit than me; I usually just eats bananas and apples, and sometimes a fruit salad with grapefruit and oranges. We got mangoes, pears, nectarines, bananas, grapefruit, and oranges.

I had frozen vegetables in my freezer so I steamed them in my rice cooker using a metal basket. Seasoned with coconut oil, pepper, and Clubhouse Greek seasoning.

I picked up some steak last night since it was under $4.00. Seasoned with some steak seasoning and BBQ sauce, and pan fried to medium well.

For my carbs/starch I baked some sweet potatoes. I tossed them in some olive oil, sprinkled with pepper and cinnamon. Baked at 400F for about 45 minutes total. Stir them every 15-20 minutes.


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