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NTC - update

Hello! So I am on week 3 of the Nike Training Club program but I did week 1 twice. I missed the second day because of golfing so I still did the assigned workouts for the day but it didn't mark it off. I've been pushing myself with heavier weights - last Saturday I was using 15 lb hand weights for most of the exercises and 5 lbs for the flyes. This morning's workout was shoulder ripper and leaner legs. My shoulders were definitely ripped lol. Tomorrow is rest day on the NTC schedule but it is Turbo Fire day for me haha.

In this program there is 45 minute of 'advanced' yoga on the second day of your workout week and then the fourth and seventh days are rest days. I personally hate yoga but I've been sucking it up and have been doing the scheduled yoga (with much cursing and frustration).

When I first created this program I had included running but due to my knee/IT band being bothersome and painful I deleted it and recreated it without the running. Instead I have been mixing this with Turbo Fire videos on the 30 minute days.

I'm noticing that my arms, core, and legs are more defined and my butt is lifted. I still haven't reeled in my diet so I'm not getting the results that I could be but I'm slowly working on it. I've been mostly good during the week and weekends are just off the charts lol. BUT it's summer and I'm having fun!

(The picture really doesn't capture how much sweat there is from these workouts. It's INSANE and awesome!)

-- Kelsey


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