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End of vacation, new start

Hello! Yesterday was Flex Friday so this was my picture after I finished a FitnessBlender workout. I finished the Nike Training Club program last week and then went to my family reunion. I didn't workout for 5 days and ate like crap. I'm happy to be home and to be getting back into my routine. I wasn't drinking enough water there, drank alcohol every evening, and was eating poorly and too much.

To kick things off I am doing the 5 day challenge from www.fitnessblender.com that they posted last week. I'm on day 3 today and I love it so far. Their workouts are a really good blend of strength and cardio, and the have the warm up and cool down. I was going to start another NTC program on Monday but I think I may buy one of Daniel and Kelli's 8 week programs since I'm enjoying their workouts so much. (I'll let you know what I decide)

Next weekend I am going for my personal training course so I can become a certified personal trainer. My exam will be in October and I'm really excited to start on this new road. My life would be amazing if I could be a full time personal trainer - who doesn't want to have a job they love?

I'm still deciding where to advertise and if I'm going to do the online thing. I guess we'll see what the demand is.

Have a great weekend!!

-- Kelsey


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