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This weekend was crazy... I feel like I need another weekend. I had to take Friday off work so I could attend the three day course for my personal training certificate. It was a lot of fun, I met some new friends who have the same passion for health and fitness, and I'm looking forward even more to start training people and helping them change their lives.

One of the ladies (women just makes us sound old haha) I met there is competing in November and has a blog as well. Check it out here!

Another thing this weekend did for me was realize how much information there is to know. I'm glad I changed my exam for a later date because I want to ace this exam. I haven't really decided where I'm going to work out of but I'm going to try freelancing first and see how that goes. Maybe if there is enough interest I can coach online? Leave me a comment or PM me on my facebook page if you would be interested in something like that.

I've been a bit absent from here due to a full summer of spending time with friends and family, camping, partying, and just enjoying whatever warm weather we had haha.

I did end up downloading FitnessBlender's newest 8 week challenge and plan on starting it tomorrow. This weekend was just too crazy to have started it so I decided to wait. I smashed out a Nike Training Club workout on Friday evening and kicked my ass, it was awesome! I did a bit of Zumba/Just Dance yesterday afternoon after class but my mom got a new cat so it was cut short so I could meet her new kitty. And today I was expecting an ass kicking since we met at a local boxing club but it wasn't as much of a workout as I had hoped for. I think I sometimes surprise myself with my fitness level because I workout at home lol.

I'm also still toying with the idea of joining a gym. I just hate working out in front of people and today we also met at a local gym and it would be overwhelming for me to workout with that many people around. So I think if I join a gym I should start a smaller one that isn't as busy,

Okay, time for some TV and possibly falling asleep on the couch, hehe.

-- Kelsey


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