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Hello friends! I've been a busy girl since I got back from Cuba (I also just realized I haven't posted any pictures from it, haha. I will share some in a post another day). I had my first one on one training session with a client and she is rocking her program. 5 lbs lost in less than two weeks! I'm so proud of her. This feeling is exactly why I wanted to become a personal trainer.

I've created programs for people with gym memberships but I have also created and specialize in programs for you to do at home with minimal equipment. The client I just told you about works out at home too and has a couple kettle bells and some hand weights. You can get great results at home!!!

So after saying that I want to show you my personal set up. I have a corner in my living room that was perfect for my set up - it's about 3 feet deep and is out of the way. I have accumulated this equipment since I started working out almost 3 years ago. You don't need everything here but variety keeps it interesting and prevents you from getting bored. Here's what I have and I've listed the price (before tax) and where I bought it from:

  • yoga mat - $17.99, Costco
  • foam squares (for extra padding) - $10.00 for a pack of 4, Walmart
  • yoga blocks - $4 for both, Value Village
  • Resistance bands (in plastic organizer) - $12.99, Walmart
  • 5 lb hand weights - free, hand me down from my cousin who got too strong for them
  • 10 lb hand weights - $8.99 each, Canadian Tire
  • adjustable hand weights, up to 20 lbs each - $47.99, Canadian Tire
  • sandbag - hand made but materials cost under $40.00, filled with cat litter
  • mirror - from my parents old bathroom
  • Lebert equalizers - $130.00 (includes tax and shipping), Lebert website
  • stability ball - hand me down from my mom but you can get them for under $30.00
  • step - $4.99, Ikea
So everything here has cost me less than $300.00 in about two and a half years. A gym membership runs upwards of $500.00 per year. This is exactly why I refuse to sign up for a gym membership! Even if you need to buy heavier weights you're still saving money.

I love working out in my living room because I can crank my music and not have to worry about my headphones falling out. And when a good song comes on I can shake it without judgment haha.

Where do you workout?


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